Rules and Regulations



Article I

The following constitutes the statutes and regulations of the Club Equestre de Performance Western de I 'Estrie.


Article II

The name of the association will be:



Article III

The Association's logo will be a western horseman on horseback circumscribed in a horseshoe which is overlapped at it's top by a ribbon marked C.E.P.W.E.


Article IV


The Association's goals will be to use the collective efforts of light horse owners, trainers, breeders and enthusiasts to promote equestrian sports and the humanitarian training of horses.


Article V


In order to achieve its goals the board will work to:

 1) Motivate its members to involve themselves in the different

functions of the association.

 2) Organize equestrian competitions composed of varied disciplines.

 3) Offer, if possible, to all those interested, clinics on equestrian health, training and showing.

 4) Encourage and facilitate access to educational courses for all styles of equitation.

 5) Organize social activities, friendly gatherings, trips etc.

 6) Take care of the financial management of the association's activities.


Article VI

Officers and directors:


The officers of the Association will be the president, the vise-president, the secretary and the treasurer. The officers are members of the board of directors. The board of directors will be elected at the annual general assembly. The board will be composed of 12 members. Only the directors have the right to vote on matters pertaining to the administration of the association. All directors, excluding the president, have the right to vote. In the event of a tie, the president is given the right to vote. The quorum for any board meeting will be 113 of the board of directors.


Half the board of directors will be elected annually and will hold their positions for a time of two years. Any director can be reelected for any amount of terms.


In the event a director is no longer willing or able to fulfill their duties, the board will have the right to elect a replacement to finish the former directors term without notice or referral to the members of the

club who are not on the board of directors. Only in the case where the former director was an officer is the board obliged to elect a replacement.


The board will have the right to appoint co-directors to aid in the tasks appointed to the different positions. These so­called co-directors will not hold the right to vote.


The board of directors will hold sole responsibility for the management of the association's business and objectives. As such, the board holds all control over the association's resources, financial and other.


All directors have the right to resign from the board at any time by notifying the secretary by a written letter.


All directors who miss three meetings may be dismissed and replaced at the discretion of the board. They will be notified of their dismissal by a written letter sent by the secretary two weeks prior to the following meeting and given an opportunity to defend their position.


Any director can be dismissed from the board during a general meeting held specifically for that purpose if a majority vote to this effect is carried. The director in question must be notified at least 30 days prior to the general meeting.


Article VII


Article VIII

Officers Duties

1)   The president will preside over all assemblies of the board of directors and general assemblies. The president will supervise all affaires pertaining to the association. The president will fulfill any duties expected of  his/her post and will have all other power given by the board.

2) The vice-president, in the absence of the president, will assume hislher duties. The vice­president will fulfill any duties expected of hislher post and will have all other power given by the board.

3) The secretary will note and conserve the verbal proceedings of all general and board meetings. The secretary will fulfill any duties expected of hislher post and will have all other power given by the board. In the absence of the secretary at an assembly, another board member will fulfill the duties of the post. At the end ofthe secretary's term, all documentation is to be passed on to the newly elected secretary. The secretary will hold in hislher possession a register in which will be kept a copy of the statutes and regulations as well as all amendments to date. A copy will be given to all members.
4)  The treasurer will be responsible for the keeping of all monies and all documents of value. He/she will, under the supervision of the board, have all powers given to the post. At the demand of the board, the treasurer must provide proof of the financial status of the association. The treasurer will deposit all funds in a financial institution designated by the board. The treasurer can endorse all checks payable to the association for


collection or deposit. He/she will be responsible for bookkeeping. All financial documentation will remain the property of the association and must be presented to the board at the board's request. The treasurer will be responsible for keeping the board up to date of the financial status of the association and will present a status report at the annual general assembly.

5) All persons accepting a position as an officer is responsible for returning any material in their possession at the end of their term.


Article IX


All persons, couples (2 adults living under the same roof) and families (parent( s) and their children under 18 years old) may become members of C.E.P.W.E. by paying the annual membership fee. Fees may vary annually, this at the discretion of the board.


Article X


 1) A member is said to be in good standing if all due fees are paid and all rules sited in the statutes and regulations of the association are followed. As long as a member is in good standing, said member may benefit from all rights and privileges of the association.

 2) All members have the right to a membership card and a copy of the statutes and regulations. In the case of a family membership, on card will be issued. If a member is to change address they are to notify the board so as to continue receiving information by mail.

 3) The financial responsibility of any member is limited to the standard fees set by the board.

 4) A member may resign from the association at any time by submitting a written letter to the secretary. There will be no refunding of fees in the case of a resignation.

 5) The board of directors will have the right to revoke any membership if the member is not in good standing or if a member behaves in a way the board judges to be harmful to the association.

 6) Any accusation of a member brought to the board must be discussed amongst the board. If said accusation may potentially result in the suspension of membership, the member must be notified at least 2 weeks before a board meeting held specifically for that purpose so that he/she may have the chance to defend hislherself before a decision is made.

 7) In the case of a suspension of membership, the former member may re-apply for a membership after 60 days of the suspension.


Article XI


 1) Any member who is at least 15 years of age and who is in good standing has the right to vote.

 2) Members must be present at the assembly for their vote to be accepted.

 3) The quorum for any general assembly is 1.

 4) A majority vote is required for any proposal to be accepted. Proposals will be voted on by a show of hands, unless a member asks for a written ballot.

 5) Election will be carried out by written ballot.

Article XII

Expenses, income and assets

All the association's financial and material assets are to be used solely for to promote and develop the objectives of the association. Hence no monies may be transferred to any member past present or future for their personal financial gain. It is however permitted to transfer money to persons, member or otherwise, for the payment of services rendered or as reimbursement for purchases made on the associations behalf. The board of directors must approve all payments. All checks must be signed by any two of the four current officers.


Article XIII

General meetings

 1) The annual meeting will be held at a place and time determined by the board. All members will be notified at least two weeks before the meeting is to be held.

General assemblies may be called at any place and time during the year as long as all members are sent a written notification at least two weeks before the meeting is to be held. Any non-member wishing to vote or to be elected to the board of directors can purchase a membership at the beginning of the meeting.


Article XIV

Code of ethics

The association will uphold the following principles:

 1) Respect toward the directors, members, associates and competitors.

 2) An appreciation of all the associations supporters

 3) Nominative information will only be given out with the signed authorization of the concerned member.


Article XV


 1) These statutes and regulations are subject to change under the condition of a two third majority vote during a general meeting held specifically for that purpose.

 2) Any proposition made to change these statures and regulation must first be approved by a majority of the board then a written notice must be sent to all members at least four weeks before the vote is to be held.

 3) Throughout this document, any reference to masculine or feminine persons is meant to include the opposite sex. Also any reference to the "association" is a reference to the Club Equestre de Performance Western de I'Estrie. The followin expressions are to be taken as equivalent: the board, the board of directors, the council, the administrative council, the administration.