Westferia is a provincial competition that is held over 3 days whereby 9 regions (in alphabetical order): Est-du-Québec, Estrie, Lanaudiere, Laurnetides, Mauricie, Québec, Richelieu-Yamaska, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean and Sud-Ouest come together and compete against one another.  This competition is for amatures.  It is held at the Centre Multifonctionnel Richardson in Sorel-Tracy, Québec.  Each region is capable of putting a maximum of 2-3 riders in each class.  The classes are as follows:


o    Open - Pro Showmanship (2 riders)

o    Adult Showmanship

o    Youth Showmanship 14-18

o    Youth Showmanship 13 & under

o    Novice Showmanship

o    Open - Pro Western Riding (2 riders)

o    Open Western Riding (2 riders)

o    Open - Pro English Pleasure (2 riders)

o    Open English Pleasure 

o    Open - Pro English Equitation (2riders)

o    Open English Equitation 

o    Walk/Trot 11 & under

o    Open - Pro Reining (2 riders) 

o    Adult Reining

o    Youth Reining 14-18 (2 riders)

o    Youth Reining 13 & under (2 riders)

o    Novice Reining

o    Open - Pro Trail (2 riders)

o    Adult Trail

o    Youth Trail 14-18 (2 riders)

o    Youth Trail 13 & under (2 riders)

o    Novice Trail

o    Open - Pro Western Pleasure (2 riders)

o    Adult Western Pleasure

o    Youth Western Pleasure 14-18

o    Youth Western Pleasure 13 & under

o    Novice Western Pleasure

o    Open - Pro Western Equitation (2 riders)

o    Adult Western Equitation

o    Youth Western Equitation 14-18

o    Youth Western Equitation 13 & under

o    Novice Western Equitation


In each class placings are awarded from 1st to 8th place.  At the end of the competition there is a closing ceremony.  In the closing ceremony there are a number of awards presented.


1) There are 2 team awards.

         a) The Pierre Bornais trophy is awarded to the region that has accumulated the most number of points

             throughout all performance classes.

         b) The Réné Bouthillier trophy is awarded to the region for the best team spirit throughout the championships.


2) There are individual awards that are presented.  It goes to the best rider and not the best rider and horse team in each of the following divisions:

         a) Best youth rider: for 13 & under and for 14-18

         b) Best adult rider (which excludes novice classes)

         c) Best novice rider


Note: The points that are accumulated in the open classes are awarded to the riders in their age category.


3) There are the best horse awards that have originated in Quebec.  The horse must be registered in the program "Cheval origine Québec."  The points are accumulated to the best rider and horse team.  The award is given to the owner of the best horse who has originated in Québec in the following two categories:

         a) Reining

         b) Performance


Once again this year CEPWE will be representing the Eastern Townships region at the '43e Championnat Provincial d'Équitation Western WESTFERIA' at Sorel on the week-end of August 24th to the 26th, 2018.

CQ Reference

Congratulations to the riders and their horses who are going to represent our region at the '43e Championnat Provincial d'équitation Western Westféria' at Sorel on the weekend of August 24th to the 26th, 2018.  This is our ninth year of participating at the Provincial level. 


Here are the following riders and horses who will be participating

Category                                                    Name

Youth 13 and under                 

Youth 14 to 18