For your inscriptions:


Do you have the following:
1-CEPWE membership card
2-Cheval Québec membership card
3-Meritas number for your horse
3-Inscription form per rider and horse team
4-Insurance waiver
5-Up to date coggins test in the year 2021
EACH day of competition you will be asked to show ALL of the above documents.

New: in order to facilitate your registration at our shows throughout the season and therefore avoid having to bring  ''all your papers'' to each show day, we invite you to bring us to the first competition in June the following :

                   * A photocopy of the of the Coggins test for your horse AS WELL AS the

                      original copy.

                    * Your membership card for Cheval Québec AS WELL AS a photocopy of it.


Thank you

Download & print
Show Entry Form 2020

Show Entry Form (pdf)

Entry Form Meritas Entry Form Meritas (pdf)
Insurance Waiver Adult and Youth Insurance Waiver (pdf)