At the end of the year a reserve and grand champion prize will be awarded to the over all high point champions at the end of the year, to the horse and rider team that accumulated the most points in each of the following disciplines: English, Western, Gymkhana, Reining, High Point Performance Youth 18 & under and Miniature Horse.


English Champion (Perpetual trophy sponsored by Clark et fils ltée)

13. Open English Pleasure CQ Stake

17. Open Walk/Trot English Pleasure

19. Open English Command Jackpot

20. Open English Equitation CQ Jackpot

24. Open Walk/Trot Equitation

27. Hunter Hack (max 2’6”) Jackpot


Western Champion (perpetual trophy sponsored by Camions Dodge Beliveau et Comeau)

1. Open In-Hand Trail

2. Open Halter

3. Open Showmanship CQ

41. Open Ranch Riding CQ Stake

43. Open Walk Trot Western Pleasure Jackpot

44. Open Western Pleasure CQ Stake

45. Men’s Western Pleasure

46. Ladies’ Western Pleasure

49. Open Walk Trot Western Horsemanship

50. Open Western Horsemanship CQ

56. Open Western Command CQ Jackpot

59. Open Walk Trot Trail (western only)

60. Open Trail CQ Jackpot


Gymkhana Champion (perpetual trophy In memory of Norman Remillard

Lynn & Amanda Young / Dale & Winnie Mosher)

67. Open Pole Bending

71. Open Tour the Ring

75. Open Relay CQ

76. Open Keyhole Race

80. Open Gymkhana Special

81. Open Flag Race Jackpot

82. Open Dash Race

86. Open Barrels CQ Stake

90. Open Pick Up CQ Jackpot


Open Reining Champion (perpetual trophy In memory of Marcel Rivard)

37.        Open Reining CQ Jackpot


High Point Youth 18 years & under (perpetual trophy)

5. Youth 14-18 Showmanship CQ

6. Youth 13- Showmanship CQ

15. Youth 18- English Pleasure CQ

22. Youth 18- English Equitation CQ

33. Youth 14-18 Western Pleasure CQ

34. Youth 13- Western Pleasure CQ

52. Youth 14-18 Western Horsemanship CQ

53. Youth 13- Western Horsemanship CQ

62. Youth 14-18 Trail CQ

63. Youth 13 & under trail CQ


High Point Open Miniature Horse

8. Open Miniature Horse Showmanship

10. Open Registered Miniature Horse Halter - Stallions/Geldings

11. Open Registered Miniature Horse Halter - Mares

26. Open Miniature Horse In-Hand Jumping Jackpot

35. Open Miniature Horse Single Hitch Jackpot

57. Open Miniature Horse In-Hand Trail

65. Open Miniature Horse Long Reins


All Around Champion

Once again,this year donated by CEPWE to the All-Around high point winner of 2023. To be eligible to win this buckle, you must compete in Open English Equitation, Open Western Equitation & Open Trail. You must compete in all three classes on the same day for your points to count toward the year-end all-around buckle. This is always one of the most beautiful buckles at the year-end gala, so why not making winning it one of your goals for 2023!