Cheval Québec Rule Book (pdf)
2023 Rules & Eligibility




1.  Coggins tests are obligatory! All horses that arrive on the grounds the day of the show must present a coggins test that dates within the current year 2023. A certificate proving administration of the flu & rhino vaccine must be provided and dated within the last 6 months.

2.   CHEVAL QUÉBEC (CQ) membership card is mandatory.  By holding a CQ card, you have insurance coverage.


3.   Participants must hold a valid CEPWE membership card.


4.   Your horse must have a CQ meritas number to compete. This is free through CQ.


5.   All classes will start at 8 a.m. sharp.


6.   All entry fees must accompany all entry forms. No reimbursement unless presented with a veterinary certificate.


7.   Helmets are obligatory for riders 13 years and under (age as of January 1, 2023) in all classes and while mounted on the grounds. Riders 18 and under (as of January 1, 2023) must wear a helmet in speed classes.


8.   You must present proof of your horse’s age to enter classes based on age limit of the horse.


9.   You must register and pay at least five classes in advance to enter an additional class. Please note that the class that is presently in the ring competing does not count as an advance class; the count begins with the class that is on deck.


10.   Participants of the green rider walk / trot division and walk / trot 11 and under classes are not eligible to compete in classes where they will be asked to canter or lope. Once a participant has participated in a class where they will be asked to canter or lope, they may no longer enter green rider walk / trot division or walk / trot 11 and under classes.  This applies to youth and adult classes.


11.   Lead line participants must be 3 to 6 years of age, as of January 1, 2023 and are not eligible for any other riding class.  The handler must be an adult.


12.   An adult is someone 19 years or over as of January 1, 2023.


13.   All dogs MUST BE ON LEASHES and owners must pick up excrement.


14.   The CEPWE Administrative Council will deal immediately with any conduct deemed unacceptable on the show grounds.


15.   Per the Cheval Québec rules, novice eligibility is on a per class bases. Riders may be eligible to ride in some novice classes and be no longer eligible to ride in others. Verify your eligibility with Cheval Québec *Participants are responsible to know whether they are eligible for a novice class or not. No reimbursement for classes entered incorrectly. 


16.   It is prohibited for a novice to show a stallion when there is more than one horse in the ring (Cheval Québec rule 100G).


17.   The Gilles Lapointe Pleasure class is open to novice riders in their first year of showing with CEPWE. (This class is free of charge). Participants who have previously shown only in showmanship, halter, lead line and/or walk trot in previous years will be eligible for the Gilles Lapointe class.


1.  Riders may use any horse.
2.  Horse may be ridden with one or two hands; the rider must remain consistent with his or her initial choice.
3.  CQ approved bit is required.
4. Riders that have previously competed in Novice and Open Reining classes are not eligible for Green Reiner.
5. Green Reiner riders are those that have earned less than 20 points at the beginning of the current year in the Green Reiner class. Once a rider has earned 20 points, he will no longer be eligible to compete in the Green Reiner class in subsequent years, but may continue to compete in the class until the calendar year is over. Green Reiner riders are eligible to compete in Green Reiner for a maximum of 2 years, unless they have accumulated 20 or more points in their first year.

19. LONGE LINE: Horses born in 2022 are eligible, NSBA rules will be used. Conformation & soundness check followed by 90 seconds on the longe line to demonstrate three gaits each direction. Horses will be judged as either western or hunter type. 

20. Manure must be deposited in the designated area. A 10$ refund will be given for stalls that are stripped clean at the end of the show.          
The Intro to reining class provides any rider an introduction to the discipline of reining. This class will follow the Equine Canada Western rider-level program. There will only be two possible patterns for this class - Western rider level 3 and Western rider level 4. This class aims to promote the Equine Canada Rider level programs and give participants a chance to practice these patterns for rider-level tests, under a judge's eye.  
Eligibility: Anybody is eligible to participate in this class.  
Rules during Showing:  
Western only.
Riders may use any horse.
Horse may be ridden with one or two hands, providing that the rider remains consistent with his or her initial choice.
Horse may be ridden in any CQ approved bit, based on the age of the horse.
Riders may break to a trot or attempt a flying lead change.
All other CQ rules apply.