The Green Reiner program is for riders that are new to reining. This class was created to give riders an opportunity to progress towards regular reining class competition. Riders will be eligible to compete in the Green Reiner class for a maximum of 2 years unless they have accumulated their maximum of 20 points in this class. The points earned in this class will not be counted as novice reining points.

Green Reiner riders are those that have earned less than 20 points at the beginning of the current year in the Green Reiner class.


Once a rider has earned 20 points he will no longer be eligible to compete in the Green Reiner class in subsequent years, but may continue to compete in the Green Reiner class until the calendar year is over.


Green Reiner riders are eligible to compete in Green Reiner for a maximum of 2 years, unless they have accumulated 20 or more points in their first year.


Riders must sign in the appropriate place on the inscription form, stating that they are indeed a green reiner.


Green Reiner riders may ride in Green Reiner, Novice Reining and Open Reining classes.


Novice and Open reining riders may not ride in the Green Reiner class.

Rules during Showing:
Riders may use any horse.


Horse may be ridden with one or two hands, providing that the rider remains consistent with his or her initial choice.


Horse may be ridden in any CQ approved bit, based on the age of the horse.


Green Reiner riders may break to a trot or attempt a flying lead change.


Green Reiner riders will be asked to perform 4 spins.


All other CQ rules apply.


CEPWE would like to thank Mr. Remy Ferland for sponsoring this class.